Zoe is a PhD student in Sociology at the University of California, San Francisco in the Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences. She is a member of the Addressing and Eliminating Transphobia and Cissexism in Sociology committee, a new initiative emerging from the Sociologists for Trans Justice forum at the 2016 American Sociological Association convening. Her academic and research interests include the critical philosophy of race and critical race/post-colonial theory, social determinants of health and social epidemiology, disposability, gender (particularly around gender hegemony and transgender issues), sex work, and HIV disparities & discourses. She is also deeply interested in participatory research and feminist methodologies as a means of examining research and structural ethics, power dynamics, domination, and marginalization.

An adaptation of her master's thesis titled "Cisgender male and transgender female sex workers in South Africa: gender variant identities and narratives of exclusion" was published in Culture, Health, and Sexuality in August 2015. She recently presented about the ethics for engaging transgender communities in public health at the United States Professional Association for Transgender Health (USPATH), and also participatory research methodologies as tools for decolonizing African Studies at the University of Edinburgh's Centre for African Studies Annual International Conference. She has also done poster presentations of her dissertation findings at the 18th Annual International Conference for AIDS and STIs in Africa (Harare, Zimbabwe) and the 2015 National Transgender Health Summitt (Oakland, California). She will be giving a short oral presentation entitled "Ethics of engaging transgender communities in public health research as a cisgender researcher," which will also be the subject matter of a forthcoming paper.

You can access her ResearchGate and Academia.edu profiles here.